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Individuals or companies can make a personal contribution to the functioning of the ElephantWorld  trough a donation or an inheritance. This can be interesting from a tax point of view. Any donation to ElephantWorld is most welcome. After all, even smaller amounts can make a purchase or restoration possible. ElephantWorld is exempt from donating inheritance tax because ElephantWorld has the ANBI status.

Periodic donation, maximum tax benefit

The tax benefit is greatest when a donation to ElephantWorld is spread over 5 years. A fixed amount must be paid at least once a year for five consecutive years. Payments stop when the donor dies prematurely. With a periodic donation, the annual payment in its entirety (i.e. without a threshold or maximum) is deductible for income tax.

Donations in kind

Donations can also be made in kind. Someone who is in possession of a special work of art: statue, painting, drawings, special photo, object with an elephant image, etc. can donate this to ElephantWorld. If this artwork is important to the collection and is included, the artwork will be appraised and donated to the museum over a period of 5 years. During this period, the donor has an annual deduction of 1/5 of the appraised value.


Leaving an amount or artwork can be a special way for some people to support the ElephantWorld. No inheritance tax is due on what is left to the ElephantWorld. The legacy therefore fully benefits ElephantWorld and thus the protection of elephants.


The elephant needs you

World Citizens or BusinessFriend. We need as many people as possible to protect the elephant with us.
Please do help!