The goal of Elephant World is to involve as many people as possible in the life and survival of elephants in the wild and to do everything we can to secure their future and prevent elephants from becoming extinct.  
In order to do more for the elephants, we are working on creating the unique educational knowledge and protection center, entirely dedicated to the life of the elephant.
With Elephant World we want to show the fascinating life of elephants, but also inform the public about the problems facing elephants.

Together with other nature conservation organizations, we are working on solutions to the threats.

Through information and education we take you into the lives of the elephants. The more you learn about elephants, the greater your understanding of the need for protection.

In the museum section you can admire many elephant-oriented works of art. In different materials and from miniscule to life-size.

Various activities will take place, including a visual safari.

If we do nothing, the elephant will become extinct


of Asian elephants' habitat has been lost

African elephants are killed every day


habitat loss of all animals and plants due to climate change

In the last 100 years, the African elephant population has declined by 97%!

The threats are only increasing, including poaching, climate change and human settlement. The habitat of the elephant is shrinking day by day and the elephant population is decreasing day by day. This downward spiral must be broken.  

Elephants are a cornerstone in their ecosystem and therefore indispensable. If the cornerstone falls away, the entire system collapses. Without elephants, other plant and animal species will not survive either. Elephants sustainably maintain the habitat. In our fight against climate change, we need all the help we can get. Elephants and other animals are allies in this fight. Elephants are climate regulators and protectors of biodiversity in nature. Everyone knows that if we do nothing, elephants will be extinct in a few years.

Elephants’ survival is threatened on all fronts.
Casualties in human-elephant conflicts

Among the main threats facing elephants are habitat loss and resulting human-elephant conflict. Many of the largest land animals on Earth are dying as a result of human expansion into the natural habitat of elephants and other species.

Many elephants die from Hakkapatas explosives, which are hidden among crops and then explode in the elephant’s mouth. A horrible death.

Result of poaching

It is worrying how the number of African elephants is declining sharply due to poachers who target the tusks of the imposing giants. The Savannah elephant is threatened with extinction and the forest elephant is on the Red List of endangered species as almost extinct. Without elephants, the entire nature of Africa will be lost.

Poaching is such a large-scale problem that it even affects the evolution of elephants. More and more young are being born that do not develop tusks. While elephants need tusks to dig for water in deeper ground, for example.

Destroyed habitat

Pygmy elephants are teetering on the brink of extinction. The rainforests where they have lived for generations are constantly being destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations and the teak industry. In a shrinking habitat it is becoming increasingly difficult for pygmy elephants, but also for other animal species, to survive. Elephants in search of food and water often end up on palm oil plantations in their struggle for survival. Their natural habitat is disappearing at a rapid pace, forcing the elephants to move to areas where people live. This is a very complex problem in which the pygmy elephants are in danger of losing out.

Surviving with climate change

Climate change is a ticking time bomb that threatens the survival of a large number of animal and plant species. In particular, the lightning-fast pace at which the phenomenon is taking place means that many organisms do not have the time and opportunity to adapt to the changed circumstances. Even elephants have great difficulty keeping their heads above water. For savannah elephants that live in regions where rainfall is already naturally scarce, longer drought periods are a huge problem. They have to travel greater distances to find scarce water sources, which can lead to increased mortality, especially among young elephants.

How can you help?

World Citizens help build Elephant World through financial support.

How special is that? Your name engraved in a stone on a wall that will have a prominent place in Elephant World.
As a company, do you feel committed to the elephants and the nature in which they live? Help us achieve our goal and support the realization of Elephant World by investing a large donation.
Volunteers make an important contribution to the realization of Elephant World.  If you are enthusiastic and consider the protection of elephants important, register as a volunteer and join our team.