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In order to give Elephant World a solid foundation, we want to involve companies, organizations organisations and individuals in the organisational side of our activities. By participating in the FoundationGroup, members will gain insight into our work and projects. Participants of the Foundation Group receive a special status within Elephant World. They enjoy various privileges and are invited to a variety of special activities.

The FoundationGroup is part of our organisation. More importantly, they actively support the protection of elephants through our worldwide world wide projects. The FoundationGroup has been divided into 3 different levels: Founder, Co-Founder, and Builder. They pay a higher annual contribution and receive special privileges. The most important thing is the knowledge that they are supporting the future of the elephants; in fact, they are some of the most important protectors of the elephants.

Anyone interested in a membership of the Fundamentgroep can contact Rob Faber. Tel: +3123 7370558 or send an email to:

The elephant needs you

World Citizens or BusinessFriend. We need as many people as possible to protect the elephant with us.
Please do help!