Help us build

How can you help us build the Elephant World

If you care about or feel concerned for elephants, we would like to welcome you as a Citizen of Elephant World. You can join as a ‘Elephant WorldCitizen.’

When you come into the Elephant World building, you will see our Event Space and next to it, the Film Theatre where the Wall of the Wise can be found. The bricks of the Wall of the Wise are engraved with the names of those who have contributed a brick to Elephant World. It is even possible to make a smaller donation, for which we will place a non-engraved brick. The Wall of the Wise will remain there for future generations to observe. Your children, grandchildren, and possibly great-grandchildren can point out your name and say; ‘Look our grandparents helped build Elephant World’. The engraved bricks will be places placed at eye level, between 1 to 2 meters.

Anyone who contributes at least € 2500 towards the construction of Elephant World will receive a framed personal certificate. Along with this, a plaque with your name on it will be placed at the entrance of Elephant World for everyone to see.

Join our FoundationGroup

In order to give Elephant World a solid foundation, we want to involve companies, organizations organisations and individuals in the organisational side of our activities. By participating in the FoundationGroup, members will gain insight into our work and projects. Participants of the Foundation Group receive a special status within Elephant World. They enjoy various privileges and are invited to a variety of special activities.

The FoundationGroup is part of our organisation. More importantly, they actively support the protection of elephants through our worldwide world wide projects. The FoundationGroup has been divided into 3 different levels: Founder, Co-Founder, and Builder. They pay a higher annual contribution and receive special privileges. The most important thing is the knowledge that they are supporting the future of the elephants; in fact, they are some of the most important protectors of the elephants.

Become a BusinessFriend

Elephant World calls their corporate sponsors BusinessFriends. With the contributions of BusinessFriends we can finance maintenance, special activities or new exhibitions. Other contributions can then be used the protection of elephants.

BusinessFriends can be: banks, telephone companies, insurance companies, tour operators, airlines, funds and so on.

Make a donation

As an individual or as a company, you can make a personal donation to the Elephant World in the form of a donation, gift or through your inheritance. Even small amounts are welcome to help make Elephant World a successful educational institute.

The elephant needs you

World Citizens or BusinessFriend. We need as many people as possible to protect the elephant with us.
Please do help!