The Building

An educational information centre

Elephant World will be an educational information centre. In the Elephant World building, you will experience the world of elephants. A number of different activities will be organised to make visits to the Elephant World interesting for different target groups. The point is that visitors get involved in the life – and survival – of elephants during their visit.

With Elephant World, we can bring the threats and problems to the attention of policy makers in the countries that elephants inhabit.

By cooperating with other protection organisations, we can do more for the elephants. The income generated by Elephant World will be used for the protection of the elephants.


Themed exhibitions will be organized regularly. These exhibitions consist of sculptures, paintings/watercolors and photographs. A themed exhibition is exhibited for 4 to 6 months (depending on interest). Most themed exhibitions are repeated after a few years, expanded with new works of art and a more extensive story.


World of the Elephant has 2 layers: on the top floor you can find The Life of the Elephant, the Kunsthal, the Evolution room and the Protection Hall. Downstairs you will find the Virtual Safari, the Event Room, the Movie Theater, the Tropical Garden and the Elephant Shop.

The goal is protection

The protection of the elephants is the main goal of the exhibitions and activities at Elephant World.

In the protection hall, an overview is given of the development of the elephant population in recent years. It shows what is being done to protect the elephants and what more can be done. There will be direct video links with the elephants in the orphanages and the possibility of virtually giving a bottle of milk to a baby elephant. In the last part, several conservation organisations will show what they do to protect the elephants, where you can get information about their work and what they have achieved in recent years.